Take A First Look At The New iPhone SE

It’s an iPhone 6/6S but in a body resembling an iPhone 5. Groundbreaking, right?

Have many saying about that:
  • I love it when he says “they’ve DESIGNED it to be ‘almost’ identical to the old 4 inch model…” instead of just saying it’s the same fucking design. It’s not like they sat down, started designing for months and once they had it went “oh, look, it coincidentally came out the same as the Iphone 5.”

  • OH MY GOD SOME OF YOU ARE REALLY SO DUMB! Everybody is complaining about the fact that iPhone SE is either small or has the same design as the iPhone 5S. THAT’S THE WHOLE POINT! Apple actually listened to their customers and designed a 4-inch phone with their most powerful hardware, because some customers simply prefer a smaller phone! If y’all don’t like it, just buy that god damn giant iPhone 6S Plus. What’s so hard to understand?
  • And also, why the F would you complain about the design? I had an iPhone 5S in my hands once and I thought it’s such a beautifully crafted device! For some people it looks amazing, including me, so I definitely wouldn’t mind having a device that powerful with those looks and dimensions. Unfortunately, I like my liver where it sits: inside of me
  • This new iPhone SE is not meant to be “groundbreaking”. It´s just an upgraded iPhone 5s for those who like smaller smartphones and it´s also meant to be a cheaper variant for those who may not be able to afford a 700$ Smartphone!
  • Apple always world first Innovation GOD right? I have prayed to apple company every day before sleep. I’ve been in tech company, Foxconn, which saw everyone dying making this GOD phone, while the costing only 30 dollar. With 90% pure profits for any single piece of sells. BUT NOW I’M FREE! And see how human actually live like an APE. Thats why Scientist agree that human are products of evolution. good luck, good bye.

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